About Us

Why Detours?

Detours has a team of local colaborators who enjoy living life. We have the knowledge of the life habits, the tastes, the history and the culture of the places we want you to appreciate. We ourselves love to travel and we cherish the value of the experience of travel per se. That is why we value the contact with the population and the feeling of belonging and feeling part of the community that surrounds our Detours. Guides and Websites have infinite information about everything and we know that it’s hard for the traveler to decide which course to follow. Come with us and we will show you the best we have to offer. We are not tour guides, we are inhabitants of a magical place we love and that we want you to love.


We add professionalism to local knowledge by keeping updated with the latest trends, and selecting the proper places to visit at each part of the year. We take care of logistics and planning and provide specific technical material for some of our most radical Detours. We try to offer our clients what we would like to receive when we are travelling abroad.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with real experiences, off the beaten track. We want to let you know the wonders of our country with a local insight, while sharing knowledge of our culture, gastronomy and day-to-day life. We want to provide you a Detour.